05 October, 2010

IMWC D-Day -5: Windiest bike ride ever and dinner with a couple legends of the Tri World

Today started much like the last. This non-swimmer can't get enough of the serene and beautiful Pacific here in Kailua Kona Bay. I managed to get out for another couple miles before breakfast. After that Dave and I drove up to Kohala so that we could ride the most infamously windy place in all of tri-history: the road to Hawi. Today around Noon it lived up to its billing. I almost lost the front of my H3 mounted steed a couple times. Dave, as light as he is didn't seem to have the same challenges. I guess having a Zipp 303 front can make a lot of difference. Once we made the turn to the east and we were going directly into what I would estimate was a 30-40mph headwind. I probably did 5-10 min at 1/2 IM pace and I was moving at a whopping 10mph. Wahoo! I home Madame Pele looks for favorably upon us all come this Saturday.

Dave and I drove back and rested for a bit before we made the obligatory trip to Lava Java. There while having some very nice goat cheese salad and a Marguerita pizza, we were joined by the legendary triathlon photo-journalist Timothy Carlson. I had the fortune of meeting Tim some 7 years ago while on a work trip in Zurich. He was there to cover this thing called Ironman Switzerland. We both toured the Alps and toured Mt. Titlis (no joke). This time he's just one of my Facebook friends that I stay in touch with infrequently. Not long after Tim joined us another legend joined us: Mitch Thrower. Many of you may know Mitch from his POV movies on YouTube of the Ironman. We talked about that and a whole bunch more of topics off limits to the blog including the dirty on the pro triathletes and our musings of WTC politics.

Tomorrow is a big day. We have both packet pickup and the Parade of Nations. Stay tuned...


Katie said...

We love Lava Java! Matias is drooling right now...he wants to see Splashers!!!

Crush some trees!

Kevin "Kona" Kunkel said...

Thanks. I wish you two were here as well. My own fault. I should have qualified last year; alas, 89 seconds. It's a blast here this year. I'm feeling like you. I've swam a lot lately. We'll see if it pays off.