09 October, 2010

D-Day -1: Kona 2010 Tomorrow is the Day!

Well I've just retuned from a nice Thai feast with my recently arrived family and my friends the Dempsters. Today was rather laid back just as it should be. Took in an early short swim, then biked over to Bike Works to replace a cleat screw that mysteriously fell out. I was also trying to help settle the nerves of a first time Kona participant Katie Thomas. No worries needed. She's ready to rock, and she knows it.

I had a late breakfast and watched the area around my hotel transformed. There seems to be an army of hundreds simultaneously transforming this little patch of rocky coastline. I waited until the family arrived to go check-in my bike. Right as I was in line none other than Phil White (co-founder of Cervelo) walks up to check out my bike. We talked about it at the expo and he said he wanted to see my "old school" bike. I told him as I told all the manufacturer counters as I entered. I'm kickin' it old school. I got a chuckle from some of them. I told the one guy from Profile Design that nothing has changed on my bike since 2007--and that even included the tires.

The only thing that has spoiled this evening was my Giants blowing a 4-0 lead to lose in extra innings. Oh well, I'll try and make up for it tomorrow. Thanks for all your support over the season and all the well wishes. Most of all, I'd like to thank my family. Without them none of this would be possible, and I certainly wouldn't be here. I look forward to talking to you all after all this is a pleasant memory. And remember, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


Caroline said...

Hope this day is going splendidly! Great blog. Straightforward and inspiring. I reminded our Sunday Reston Runners this morning that it was Kona day. Can't wait to read your D-Day post.

Caroline said...

I've been waiting breathlessly for the last episode of "Kona -- Lost or Found?" Did you end up with the Others? Or in a volcanic cave with MIB? Or Jacob? Do tell...